Watch Your Mailboxes

February 27, 2009

Ok, campers and those who want to be campers this year (and who wouldn’t?). Watch your mailboxes for the camp flyer with a registration form and the essay contest notification. It’s in the mail right now. PLEASE pay close attention to the deadlines for the EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION and for the ESSAY CONTEST.

And make sure you pass Camp American along to people you know. Friends of campers make the best campers!

If you don’t get a flyer and registration form and would like to get on our mailing list please or you just want a whole bunch of camp flyers and registration forms contact the Director at [email protected] or the Program Director at [email protected]. Or call the Camp American office at 502-361-9496.

Remember- You can register online in the Camp Store and that there are several discounts available. Contact us with any questions.

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