mark-bioA graduate of Ohio State University, Mark travels to universities debating students on bio-ethical issues like abortion. As part of the innovative Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), Mark speaks at some of the nations largest universities reaching hundreds of thousands of college students. If there is an issue concerning life, Mark is typically at the forefront of the debate. He is considered one of the leading pro-life voices in America.

As Executive Director for CBR’s Midwest division, Mark speaks at conferences and seminars teaching others to think and act with a biblical worldview on topics like abortion. Mark takes the message of life to churches, schools, and universities as part of The Pro Life Institute.

Mark also hosts Activist Radio: The Mark Harrington Show. Activist Radio helps Christians think biblically as they approach the issues of the day.

Also, as a frequent guest on both secular and Christian radio and television shows, Mark’s message is clear: a biblical worldview on bio-ethical issues can compete in the marketplace if properly understood and articulated.

Mark is a life-time resident of Columbus, Ohio, and is married with four children.

Email the Radio Activist or call 614-759-5195.

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