Chuck Michaelis is president of Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc, a Westerville, OH company which designs and distributes nutritional and dietary supplements to health care professionals. Chuck and his brother Ken collaborate in the specialized design of the supplements that they distribute. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Michigan State University (1989) where he participated in published studies on flavor components imparted by oak aging of wine from different oak species and harvest areas (American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, Vol. 4, 1992). Chuck worked in quality assurance and research & development for two of the top infant formula manufacturers in the USA from 1990 to 1997.

Chuck is married since 1986 to Jenny and has three daughters- Liz, Rachael and Stephanie. He lives in Westerville, OH. Chuck and his family are members of  Providence Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Pataskala, OH where Chuck is an elder.

Chuck serves on the board of directors and as Executive Director of Camp American and the advisory board of the  Institute for Principled Policy. He also serves as a trustee at Providence Presbyterian Church and has served as a representative to the Ohio Presbytery of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Chuck has taught or assisted in teaching several classes in the last several years including Experiencing GodEvidence That Demands A Verdict, How to Study the Bible for YourselfGod and Government and Thinking Like a Christian. He has taught classes on Science and the Bible for which he designed the curriculum. He is a student of the presuppositional approach to Christian apologetics.

Chuck has also taught the Institute On the Constitution’s 12 part class on knowing and using the US Constitution. He has written and taught several classes on advanced constitutional topics. He is an amateur historian and has a special interest in the American Founding Period (1492-1812) including the origins and making of the US constitution. He has done extensive study and taught classes on the design and function of the Electoral College, on the inseparability of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and on the history of the Constitutional Convention and dangers of a new convention. He can be contacted at this address.

Additionally, he is designer and webmaster of the Camp American website and is webmaster of his own company’s sites (Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc and its subsidiary Rainrock Nutritionals). He also designed and maintains the website for the Institute For Principled Policy.


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