After raising his family in the Los Angeles, California area, Charlie now resides in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During his early years in the Los Angeles area, Charlie began a journey that would lead him into and out of a world of communist front groups, and eventually to a constitutionalist viewpoint.

Charlie SmithCharlie first became involved in what he now recognizes as a communist front group, Fair Play for Cuba. From there Charlie entered the “Civil Rights Movement”. Soon, Charlie noticed that members of the Socialist Workers party were encouraging minorities to riot and create chaos. The agitators would offer a solution, which included creating a new government office. Once the new bureau was created these same people would then be brought into the new bureau as advisors and administrators.

Once Charlie recognized the forces that were manipulating the people of the Watts area of Los Angeles, Charlie created and edited a local newspaper called The Voice of Watts to expose those that would destroy his community. Eventually, Charlie met and talked in depth with Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society. Mr. Welch was deeply impressed with Charlie’s understanding of events of the 20th century and shortly thereafter invited him to join the American Opinion speakers bureau. Charlie spent 11 years traveling across the United States under the umbrella of the American Opinion speakers bureau, sharing his inside information about the secretive and destructive forces of communism in the United States, the growth of government and the shrinking principles of liberty.

During his years as a professional speaker, Washington insiders began taking notice of Charlie. He was offered a large sum during the 1968 presidential campaign to promote Richard Nixon and support his policies. Recognizing that Richard Nixon was committed to bigger government, an idea completely contrary to Charlie’s principles, he declined the offer. It was also during his years as a public speaker that he coined the phrase “the fourth branch of government”, which Ronald Reagan made famous when he used it to describe the unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy of the federal government. Charlie was also noticed by the United Nations. In the mid 1970’s, the globalist United Nations issue an order which forbid any UN representative from debating Charlie on any subject.

After enduring a grueling tour schedule for several years, Charlie embarked on a new adventure outside the realm of government and politics. He opened a restaurant, where he served his patented process smoked meats. Charlie enjoyed a normal life of restaurant ownership in both California and Florida where he endured first-hand, the government intrusion into the pursuit of the common man’s happiness.

His passion for American liberty was once again kindled in 1986, when Charlie was called upon by his fellow patriots in Florida to help halt that state’s call for a national constitutional convention. Charlie recognized the dangers immediately of allowing a constitutional convention to convene. (The supreme court has ruled that if a convention were called the US Constitution, as we know it, would cease to exist as of that moment.) In the years that followed, Charlie kept himself abreast of the latest attacks on the constitution and the immense growth of government, charging to the forefront to counter the attacks. Charlie was often a guest on talk radio in south Florida and still today is often a guest on talk radio across the United States.

In 1999, Charlie, along with his great, long-time friend Alan Stang, was asked to volunteer his time to Camp American, an invitation he eagerly accepted. In the summer of 2000, Charlie began sharing his knowledge and helping the students of Camp American understand the proper role and principles of good government and the dangers of the continuous growth of government.

In 2001 Charlie began training adults how to run for Congress with very little money. Charlie’s idea of “vote no on any bill that increases the size, cost, reach or power of the federal government” resonated well with the people of Tennessee. In 2002, Charlie saw one of his Tennessee “students” win a congressional seat in Washington, in spite of the fact that she was an unknown. Charlie continues to share his knowledge and his “vote no” philosophy with people across the United States. He hopes to live to see the day when the growth of government is stopped completely and the steps to shrink the size, cost, reach and power of government are implemented. Charlie firmly believes that the students of Camp American will become the future leaders who will fulfill his dream of a return to constitutional government.