There is a movement in the United Sates that is gaining momentum. The movement is being steered towards convincing the states that a new constitutional convention should be called. There are several well-funded and seemingly well-informed groups trying to sell the idea of  "single issue" calls for a new convention.

In virtually every case the impetus is some crisis either governmental, economic, or both. Some of these include illegal immigration, a balanced budget, state sovereignty, health care...the list goes on and on.

How well equipped are you to deal with the questions raised by these new Con-Con advocates? Do you know the history of the first Constitutional Convention and how we got it? Did you know that that convention was the result of a single issue call to modify the Articles of Confederation, not to throw it out and re-write it? Do you know what the philosophical framework of both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution are? Do you know what dangers we face with a new convention?

If not  you should consider getting your own copy of this 4-video set. Chuck Michaelis of the Institute for Principled Policy and Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center work together to give a two-hour history of the calling of the first Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, a one-hour discussion of the legal and historical precedents created by the convention and the dangers for another convention created by the first one and a one-hour exposition of the philosophy of the Articles and the Constitution and the new and dangerous philosophical approaches to basic rights that threaten to replace the current ones.

This may be one of the most important videos you'll ever see!


Price: $20.00

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