Have you gotten the emails? You know the ones that say things like "Only the states can call and be in complete control of a a "single-issue" convention to amend the Constitution? The groups sending these out are many- 10 Amendments For Freedom, Citizen's Initiative, etc., etc.

The arguments they present all look ironclad and irrefutable, don't they? But are they really?

Chuck Michaelis, Executive Director of Camp American and Vice-chairman of the Institute For Principled Policy looks behind the self-confidant facade presented by proponents and finds flimsy support for the arguments they present. In a one-hour presentation he demonstrates, using historical, legal and procedural evidence, that once called by Congress a new constitutional convention will definitely NOT result in a federal balanced budget amendment, a state negation of unpopular law amendment, a personhood for the unborn amendment, or any of the other of the dozen or so of the proposed candidate issues for a "shackled" or "controlled" amendment convention completely controlled by the states. The result will be a "runaway" convention and a re-written constitution in which completely divorces the federal government from the Declaration of Independence and from the limits on federal power contained in the current Constitution.

Chuck also explains why the ratification procedure of Article V of the current Constitution, referred to as an absolute safeguard against wholesale changes to the Constitution by proponents, can be bypassed by a new convention. He explains that there is already an existing model for a new constitution that does all of these things.

Chuck gave this presentation to the Institute On The Constitution's First Friday event in November, 2010


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