Individual Tuition Packages Individual Tuition Packages

Camp American Monthly Payment Option

Camp American tuition can be paid at a rate of $25 per month per individual student. This is a 10 month pay off of Camp American tuition. If a camper begins paying $25 per month in July the tuition is paid after the April payment of the following year. After the first payment, we will remind you via email to make another the next month. That’s a great way to avoid the scramble of raising the money at the last minute!


Price: $25.00

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Camp American Tuition Deposit

Camp American Tuition Deposit One-hundred Dollars (One Required For Each Student)

Deadline for Early Bird Registration-June 6, 2015


Price: $100.00

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Complete “Early Bird” Package

Complete “Early Bird” Package Includes One-hundred Dollar Deposit and One-hundred Fifty Dollar Tuition Remainder (One Per Student) Available Until June 6, 2015, Then Three-hundred Dollars Afterward


Price: $250.00

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Special New Tuition Offer!

Thanks to the generosity of a Camp American donor we can offer up a new promotional package for Camp American students! Here’s how it works- If you can recruit three friends to come to Camp American at normal tuition rates and can document that you get your tuition for FREE! Even better if those three can each recruit three they can also come for FREE! Contact the Camp Director with questions – 614-893-5986 or email [email protected]

Directions for registering and using the shopping cart to check out:

  1. Decide if you want to start a payment plan,  pay the full tuition now or pay the $100 deposit
  2. Go to the heading that best describes your choice (Monthly Payment Plan, Complete Early Bird Package, Tuition Deposit, Tuition Remaining After Deposit, etc.)
  3. Put the number of registrations you are making in the “Quantity box at the bottom of the category
  4. Press the “Add to cart” button
  5. Notice that your choice appears in the side bar to the right labeled “Shopping Cart.”
  6. If you made an incorrect choice you can empty your shopping cart totally now in the side bar or make the correct choice and delete the incorrect choice at check out.
  7. If you are ready to check out then go to the “Shopping Cart” in the right side bar and choose “Go to Checkout”
  8. Fill out the information in the “Billing” section completely.
  9. Choose “Pay Pal & Credit Card (Pay Pal membership NOT required)” to use your Pay Pal account or a credit card or “Manual Payment” if you want to pay with a check, money order, or in person with cash (DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL!).

Price: $0.00

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Tuition Remaining After Deposit

Remaining Tuition Due After Deposit- One-hundred Fifty Dollars Per Student Available Until June 6,  2015, then Two-hundred Dollars afterwards. Payment in full must be received by June 6 , 2016


Price: $150.00

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