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Welcome to Camp American

August 8, 2015

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Reclaiming Individual Liberty Through Prayer, Education in the Truth of Our Christian Heritage and Activism

Attention Parents, Campers and Camper Wannabe’s!

Due to circumstances beyond our control the 2016 Camp American will not be held this year.

Watch this space for updates


The goal of Camp American™ is to raise a core of knowledgeable, godly leaders for the 21st century. Camp American™ will help students and adults understand…

  • The Christian principles upon which the nation was built
  • The US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and founding documents
  • The founders’ original intent

Camp American™ is a one-week adventure designed to teach students (ages 12 to adult)…

  • The proper role of government
  • Principles of good government
  • History, economics, civics and government from a Christian perspective.

Our team of outstanding instructors will help your child understand how American government is intended to operate, and how to become involved in the policy making process.

Camp American will also help your teen recognize and refute false teachings and morally bankrupt philosophies now so prevalent in American culture. Students will discover the deception of evolution, the importance of purity and morals in a free society, and the pagan connection to the radical environmental movement. Your teen will learn the importance of prayer and action. Most importantly, students will learn that in order to restore America, we must return America to Christ.

Camp American students will learn in a wholesome, beautiful lakeside setting, free from the influence of TV, radio and television. Best of all students will learn invaluable lessons that they will carry with them into adulthood. They will also build friendships and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Oh, yes. We almost forgot to mention that Camp American is also lots of fun! See the “Recreation” page for examples.

Don’t know what to bring or what to wear to camp?

To Be Better Prepared


 Printable Registration Forms and Flyers are in Adobe PDF format. To get a free Adobe reader click on the icon below

Have a question? Go over to the Camp Forum and post it under the Questions About Camp American category.

Our address is:

Camp American 4635 Southcrest Dr. Louisville, KY 40215




Website Administrator

Program Director Noelle Dielman

Executive Director Chuck Michaelis

Primary Election

March 20, 2010

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Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday May 5, 2010

This is a short clip of the class “The Electoral College; Original Intent, How It Has Changed And Why It Still Works” from Camp American 2008

Car explodingCampers! Have you ever seen, heard, felt or even shot a fully automatic or very large caliber rifle? It is an experience that no one should miss. If you live anywhere near Rushville (Fairfield County) Ohio come on out and get in on the action.

This is a fund raiser for WLRY, the station that carries The American View radio program that Camp American Sponsors. So Come on down and help out this fine Christian radio station!

Time to get out and heat up the buzz guns once more.The date is May 5th cars & targets will be in abundance this shoot. As always there’s no range fee’s no parking fee’s and plenty of room on the firing line.All we ask is that you make a donation to the Radio station 88.9 the light.The range is located 2 miles north on 664 from the town of Rushville.Look for the large red and white Radio tower in the east side of the road.Anyone with questions, or if you get lost my Cell number is (740)252-6624

Camp Commissary Now Open!

March 29, 2007

The Camp Commissary is now open for business. You can pay your tuition and deposits online with a Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card or Pay Pal account.

Soon you’ll be able to buy other useful items and cool Camp American Gear at the Commissary.

The new Camp American Commissary will open in a few days. You will be able to pay your deposits and tuition securely on-line with a credit card or your Pay Pal account.

You will also be able to make a tax-deductible donation to Camp American or buy Camp Gear from the Commissary.

Come back soon!

Welcome to the new Camp American website! We heard that more than a few folks thought that the old site was way too busy and looked dated. Well, we agree and are now in the process of updating the site.

Soon, you’ll be able to come keep in touch with your friends on a bulletin board hosted here, share your camp photos, pay Camp American tuition online with Pay Pal or a credit card and get some cool Camp American gear at the Camp Commissary. We’ll have payment plans that will allow you to pay tuition with a manageable monthly payment.

This Blog area is where we’ll post articles, opinions, essays, news, anything we think is interesting or relevant to Camp America or you, the campers.

We want to know what you think of the new website. Please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions questions, whatever. You can leave comments on any of the postings on this blog space.