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Welcome to Camp American

August 8, 2015

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Reclaiming Individual Liberty Through Prayer, Education in the Truth of Our Christian Heritage and Activism

Attention Parents, Campers and Camper Wannabe’s!

Due to circumstances beyond our control the 2016 Camp American will not be held this year.

Watch this space for updates


The goal of Camp American™ is to raise a core of knowledgeable, godly leaders for the 21st century. Camp American™ will help students and adults understand…

  • The Christian principles upon which the nation was built
  • The US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and founding documents
  • The founders’ original intent

Camp American™ is a one-week adventure designed to teach students (ages 12 to adult)…

  • The proper role of government
  • Principles of good government
  • History, economics, civics and government from a Christian perspective.

Our team of outstanding instructors will help your child understand how American government is intended to operate, and how to become involved in the policy making process.

Camp American will also help your teen recognize and refute false teachings and morally bankrupt philosophies now so prevalent in American culture. Students will discover the deception of evolution, the importance of purity and morals in a free society, and the pagan connection to the radical environmental movement. Your teen will learn the importance of prayer and action. Most importantly, students will learn that in order to restore America, we must return America to Christ.

Camp American students will learn in a wholesome, beautiful lakeside setting, free from the influence of TV, radio and television. Best of all students will learn invaluable lessons that they will carry with them into adulthood. They will also build friendships and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Oh, yes. We almost forgot to mention that Camp American is also lots of fun! See the “Recreation” page for examples.

Don’t know what to bring or what to wear to camp?

To Be Better Prepared


 Printable Registration Forms and Flyers are in Adobe PDF format. To get a free Adobe reader click on the icon below

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Our address is:

Camp American 4635 Southcrest Dr. Louisville, KY 40215




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Program Director Noelle Dielman

Executive Director Chuck Michaelis

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center gave a lecture on Our Emerging Surveillance Society in June 2009 at Camp American. In it he accurately predicted the very things having to do with illegal immigration “reform” and unconstitutional personal surveillance that we are seeing in today’s America.

Here’s a 15 minute sample-

A full copy of the video can be obtained HERE

In June 2009 Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center taught a class on the subject The Necessity Of Private Property Rights In A Free Society.


Here’s a 15 minute sample-

A copy of this video can be obtained HERE


This ia a newly re-mastered version of the 2009 Camp American class on the Founders’ Foundations. This is a survey of the philosophy and theology that was being absorbed and worked into the founding era documents of the United States.

Here’s a sample-

This video is available in our store HERE-

Oh, yes. There’s a NEW lower price as well!

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This is an 8 minute segment of a 110-minute class taught by Chuck Michaelis, Executive Director of Camp American and the Vice-chairman of the Institute For Principled Policy.

The class, taught at 2009’s Camp American, is entitled Crises, Coups and Constitutional Conventions. It details how a series of crises, both real and manufactured were used by men who wanted to eliminate the state governments (Nationalists) to call a constitutional convention in 1787 and how the men who wanted to preserve the authority of the individual states (Republicans) only by a hairsbreadth saved the United States from that fate and created the delegated powers and limited authority of that is the United States Constitution.

This class is a warning about crises are often created or made into something they are not in order to give the federal government more power.

Questions, comments or want to attend? Send an e-mail to [email protected]

You can buy a copy of this video in its entirety by clicking HERE

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Last year Tom DeWeese, CEO of the American Policy Center, taught 3 classes. This is a 10 minute excerpt of his 55 minute class on “The Founding Documents and the Dangers of a New Constitutional Convention

Questions or comments?

Write to director

To purchase the entire video click HERE

Is the Constitution a secular document or does it have Christian roots? That’s the question Barry Sheets asks in this excerpt from his class “The Founders’ Foundations” that was presented at Camp American in June 2008

Are we getting the truth about global warming/climate change from government and media? Watch this short segment of Dr. Michael Coffman’s (Environmental Perspectives, Inc.) class on “The Global Warming Hoax” to begin to answer that question.

This is a short clip of the class “Becoming A Fully Informed Juror” from Camp American 2008

This is a short clip of the class “The Electoral College; Original Intent, How It Has Changed And Why It Still Works” from Camp American 2008