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Thanks to the generosity of a Camp American donor we can offer up a new promotional package for Camp American students!

Here’s how it works- If you can recruit three friends to come to Camp American at normal tuition rates and can document that you get your tuition for FREE!

Even better if those three can each recruit three they can also come for FREE!


Contact the Camp Director with questions – 614-893-5986 or email [email protected]

We the People have the duty to restrain a government operating outside Constitutional boundaries.  The Institute on the Constitution invites you to learn how by discovering your American heritage and birthright.

INSTITUTE ON THE CONSTITUTION – Course Description & Information

 A great history and non-partisan government class for adults and teens to be introduced to the

U. S. Constitution, our Biblical heritage and the concept of limited government.   Twelve weekly classes of approximately 2 hours each are comprised of a 30-minute video lecture, group review and discussion questions.

Beginning with the Bible you will learn of the origins of history, law and government, followed by stories of America’s discovery, settlement and evangelization from exciting, primary sources you never saw in school!  Then, the worldview of the founding fathers is discussed, which leads straight to the text of the Constitution.

Your live instructor will be Barry Sheets, Executive Director of the Institute for Principled Policy and owner of Principled Policy Consulting, LLC.  Barry has nearly two decades of experience working with elected officials and public policy. David Barton of Wallbuilders and Lt. Colonel John Eidsmoe are the video instructors.    Barton is a master teacher with a vast collection and knowledge of founding era literature.  Lt. Colonel Eidsmoe is a Constitutional attorney and professor with degrees in theology, law and political science.  He is a published author and frequent lecturer at colleges, churches and community groups.

This timely and relevant course’s cost is $60 per person prior to October 28thRegistration after that date will be $75.  Your course fee includes the 12 weekly lectures, a Student Manual, and a number of supplemental books that will be read during the course.

 CLASS DATES AND TIME –  Begins October 31st, 6:30-8:30 p.m. for 12 weeks

CLASS LOCATION –Gallipolis Christian Church, 4486 State Route 588, Gallipolis, 45631

TO REGISTER CONTACT – Barry Sheets, 614-989-5293, or register at:

Join in the cause of preserving our God-given Liberty and restoring our Constitutional Republic. After all, if you don’t defend Liberty, who will?

Institute on the Constitution is a 12-week training course on how to understand and use the Constitution of the United States to protect and promote our fundamental liberties under law. Students will be challenged to look at current events through the lens of the organic law of the land, not through the gimlet eye of the news media or even of many of our elected officials. Students will learn the history behind our founding documents, and the legitimate involvement citizens must engage in our constitutional representative Republic.

Your paid course registration includes 12 weekly 90-minute training classes, a student handbook, and supplemental materials valued at over $75. The course will be taught by Chuck Michaelis, executive director of Camp American, and Barry Sheets, executive director of the Institute for Principled Policy. We are also being sponsored by Oath Keepers.

The cost for this course is $60 per student if registration is made online before July 12, 2011. After this, or at the door, registration will be $75 per student. Students who complete the coursework will be eligible to be part of a graduation ceremony to be held on the last week of classes. There is no cost to class members who have all of their books AND bring a new student.

Classes will begin on July 19, 2011 at the Grace Bible Church 424 Gender Rd. Canal Winchester OH 43110. They will run from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Course materials will be given to paid students on the first evening of classes.

Oath Keepers is sponsoring limited scholarships available for active duty police officers or sheriff’s deputies.

Pre-registration is STRONGLY encouraged. We need to know you’re coming so that we can have enough books. Pre-registration can be done online (click here), by telephone or by email. Contact Chuck Michaelis at 614-893-5986 , Barry Sheets at 614-989-5293 or email [email protected]

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Now that we’ve discovered that the credit card portal wasn’t working in the Camp Store we have taken the time to fix it.

If you tried to register online and couldn’t get to the credit card portal and just got a “Thanks for the order” message, then give it a fresh try and let us know how it worked for you.

Dr. Michael Coffman, an environmental consultant and CEO of Environmental Perspectives, Inc., is coming to teach at Camp American in 2010.

Dr. Coffman was with us in 2008 (DVD’s of his classes are available HERE) and made the connection between property rights, stewardship and prosperity. He also explained the how the world-wide effort to convince the public of the reality of “man-made global warming” was, in reality, a push for government control of world economies through the control of energy availabilty. Dr. Coffman will be speaking on the meltdown of the “man-made global warming” hoax and what it means to globalist ambitions and how we can be involved.

Watch Your Mailboxes

February 27, 2009

Ok, campers and those who want to be campers this year (and who wouldn’t?). Watch your mailboxes for the camp flyer with a registration form and the essay contest notification. It’s in the mail right now. PLEASE pay close attention to the deadlines for the EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION and for the ESSAY CONTEST.

And make sure you pass Camp American along to people you know. Friends of campers make the best campers!

If you don’t get a flyer and registration form and would like to get on our mailing list please or you just want a whole bunch of camp flyers and registration forms contact the Director at [email protected] or the Program Director at [email protected]. Or call the Camp American office at 502-361-9496.

Remember- You can register online in the Camp Store and that there are several discounts available. Contact us with any questions.

Camp American

June 25, 2008

Camp American 2009 dates are now set! June 14-20, 2009. Get signed up now!

If you aren’t sure what to bring to camp or lost your list then you can print off a new copy from the Home page or from here-

Don’t know what to bring or what to wear to camp?

  • Printable copy of the camp needs list
  • Printable copy of the camp check list
  • Printable copy of the camp dress code
  • The discounted tuition deadline has been extended to June 2, 2008! That’s because we were out of town quite a bit near the old deadline.

    Don’t miss this golden opportunity to get the good price for camp tuition. Sign up now before registration closes!

    If you’re planning on attending Camp American this year but haven’t registered yet, you’d better hurry! There are less than ten slots total left. Don’t procrastinate. Sign up today! Head over to the Tuition Packages category at the Camp Store and pay with your credit card.

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